What affects the potency

A man is able to have sex not only because he has a special thing for it. Every erection and the outcome of every sexual encounter is the result of complex calculations made by the brain. You don’t notice it, but the gray matter is constantly comparing facts and information. The parameters being evaluated are:

  • health conditions;
  • the general conditions of the body;
  • mood and emotions;
  • feelings from the subconscious level – self-esteem, beliefs, opinions.

All these factors are summed up, and the result is success or failure. It’s pretty simple. But you can’t just take a magic pill to solve the problem and live well again. At the very least, you need to find the cause. And only then to look for how to increase potency, working with the other factors. In general, the main thing is a complex approach. If you still want to buy special pills, visit https://svensktapotek.net/viagra-super-force/.

Smoking and male potency

Bad habits are the most common cause of violations on the male side. In women’s body they strike at least as much, but we don’t talk about that yet. Those who like to indulge in nicotine have an impaired circulatory system. The blood vessels shrink sharply, preventing blood from flowing in. Due to the fact that the blood circulation in the groin area is disturbed – there are problems with the removal of toxins, tissues are not sufficiently supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

The great news is that you don’t have to measure your penis pressure to make sure of the above, because someone has already done it for you. Scientists investigated this issue and concluded: smoking really does reduce the pressure in that very organ. More than 400 men participated in the study, and they did get their penis blood pressure checked. 

Smoking is the worst enemy of good potency. Male potency is directly related to whether or not you smoke. And if you are an inveterate smoker, then potency problems are not far off, or perhaps they already are! In addition to this verdict, we found something else: men diagnosed with impotence smoked much more often and more frequently than their more “resistant” healthy opponents. You yourself know very well how smoking affects potency. At the very least, the not-so-intimidating picture on the pack warns of this. So maybe it’s time to do something about it.

The potency test

The easiest way to find out how things are with you personally is a test with improvised instruments. On an erect penis to put (or hang, as you prefer) T-shirt or T-shirt – any thin thing. If this weight you “took” well – replace the “projectile” with a towel of medium size. If successful, double the weight and put another towel. The weight of the T-shirt or T-shirt should hold the member of any man, if the erection is weak already at this stage – you need to do something urgently. The weight of the towel is the norm. If two towels are also successfully lifted – this is a reason to be proud and a great result.

Whatever the result of the test, you have to work on your male strength and health. Unless, of course, you want to deal with problems when they become more serious. In the first stages of the problem, you can use special medications, which you can buy here https://svensktapotek.net/.