Replacing the wiring in the apartment

Cables wear out over time, and if the wiring is more than 20 years old and aluminum wires are used, replacement is mandatory. Old or defective wiring can lead to trouble like this:

  • sparks from sockets, switches;
  • leakage currents. Simply put: when electricity goes into the wall through gaps in the insulation;
  • short-circuits. It can cause all kinds of minor problems and even fire;
  • an unjustified blackout.

For this reason, electrical wiring must be replaced when it has reached the end of its useful life. If, after this period, the wiring in your home is still in working condition, this does not mean that it will not cause any problems tomorrow or the next month. It is best to combine the replacement of electrical wiring in your home with another repair.

The starting point for installing electrical wiring in each room of a city apartment is the junction box. An experienced electrician will be able to install the wiring without any problems, using old channels in this case. You can also try to do this yourself. In a one-room apartment to lay the wiring itself – it is possible and will work, but here in the two-room, is unlikely to come out. Installation of electrical wiring in our time is carried out, in absolute majority, copper three-wire cables. Copper is flexible, it is convenient to mount, it also has less specific resistance (it is much better than aluminum conducts current). Such a cable consists of phase, earth, insulation, filling and sheathing.

If the old wiring is made of obsolete aluminium cable, it must be replaced as a matter of urgency. This fragile, brittle material only gets worse over the years and can no longer withstand all the pressure of the benefits of civilization that are fed by the power grid. According to safety standards, aluminum wiring with a cross section of less than 16 is prohibited and its replacement is strongly recommended.

Repair of wiring

When faults occur, wiring is not always the only way out of the situation. It is possible to repair the wiring. Of course, there is no point in patching up the old aluminum wiring, but you can fix the new copper wiring. Repair of wiring in the apartment should begin by finding the source of the problem. The first thing to do is to check the electrical board, maybe the fuse has blown or the circuit breaker is off.

If there is nothing wrong with the switchboard, it means that the problem must be looked for in the network itself. For this search you will need an electrical wiring diagram for the apartment. Only a home electrical repair service that understands how an electrician works in the apartment can perform proper diagnostics and subsequent repairs.

When repairing your apartment, it is strongly recommended that you do not connect the copper and aluminum cables by installing the wiring. Metals have different chemical properties and the oxidation process is likely to result in loss of contact. A well-functioning electricity network in an apartment is an integral part of home comfort. Installation of electrical wiring must be done by well-trained people who are aware of the responsibility. The cost of electrical installation work in the apartment may seem high to someone. But a lot depends on it and, first of all, the safety of you and your family.

Factors that affect the final cost:

  • the size of the apartment;
  • how many sockets, switches and lighting fixtures are planned;
  • additional systems such as walk-through switches, smart house, warm electric floor, etc.;
  • the selected material and method of cable installation;
  • the condition of the electrical board in the apartment and whether it is necessary to replace it.