How to Enter GPS Coordinates in Google Maps

Using GPS coordinates is an important tool in so many situations. Whether you’re going to a meeting, having dinner with a friend, or just need to know where your house is on a map, having precise coordinates can save you from getting lost.

You can enter gps coordinates in Google maps on either desktop or mobile, and there are a few different ways to do it depending on your device and operating system. If you are on a desktop, just click on the location that you want to get the coordinates for and right-click the red pin. Once the location pops up, you can copy and paste the digital GPS coordinates into a text message or email.

If you are on an iPhone, open the Google Maps app and find a place that you need to enter coordinates for. You can either tap and hold on an unmarked place on the map to view its coordinates, or you can select the Dropped pin option at the bottom of the screen to expand that section. Once you have the coordinates displayed, you can tap the Copy button at the top of the screen to copy them to your computer.

The coordinates of a location are usually given as a pair of numbers, latitude and longitude, but some locations will also show a plus code. The plus code is another way to pinpoint a location on a map and can help others find it, too.

Coordinates are important because they can help you understand where something is on a map, and what it looks like in that area. While you can’t really get 100% accuracy with coordinates, it’s important to have them because they can be very helpful when trying to find a specific spot on a map or even helping others find their way in a crowded city.

There are a few methods that you can use to enter coordinates on a map, but the most efficient and accurate way is to use Google Maps. Here are some tips on how to enter gps coordinates in Google Maps:

1. Find and select the map that you need to input the GPS coordinates for

Once you have the desired map, click the arrow next to the search box at the top of the screen. Then, scroll down and select the coordinates you need.

2. Copy the coordinates for your location on a map (desktop) or select the Custom pin option at the bottom of the map and copy it to a text message/email for Android users

Once the destination is selected, you’ll see a new window that shows the exact latitude and longitude of the desired location. This is an ideal way to share the coordinates with other people who have an Android or iOS device.

3. Copy the coordinates on a map for later reference

Fortunately, you can always save your favorite GPS coordinates to a text message or email to refer back to in the future. Just remember that Google Maps isn’t always accurate, especially in dense areas.