GPS Jammers For Cars

GPS jammers are devices that interfere with the signals that a vehicle’s GPS tracking device receives. These devices are illegal to purchase or use in the United States and Canada. They can be seized, fined or jailed if you are caught using one.

The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a network of satellites that help vehicles and other devices to determine their location. This information is crucial to a variety of industries, including law enforcement, transportation and business.

Many of these devices are illegal to sell, manufacture or import in the United States and Canada. They can also be a serious societal risk and a threat to public safety.

They can be used by criminals to avoid fines and prevent their location from being tracked by police. They are also used by some drivers to evade road tax, as well as robbery or car theft.

A gps jammer is a small and easy to use anti-tracking device that blocks GPS signals from mobile networks, car GPS trackers, spy cameras, and remote control transmitters. They are often used by hackers to spoof or hide their location.

These devices are also frequently used by law enforcement to protect the public from crime and espionage. They are also common in military contexts where the ability to block GPS is important for preventing or reversing an attack on the country.

If you have a fleet of vehicles that are monitored by your company, then you may have some drivers who are suspicious of the tracking devices you use to monitor their driving behavior and fuel consumption. They may also be concerned about the privacy invasion they perceive these devices to cause.

Fortunately, the Geotab GPS fleet tracking platform has a built-in feature that allows you to automatically detect when your drivers are using their own GPS jammers or other equipment that might be blocking your GPS tracking device. A straight line will be displayed from when the jamming starts to the point where it is turned off, giving you a chance to investigate and take action.

The most common types of jammers are low power, which are very effective in disrupting cellular signals and GPS systems. They can be a nuisance to other drivers on the road and disrupt telematics, which is vital for fleet managers to track their vehicles.

They can also impact communications involving airport radio towers or airplanes that could lead to disasters.

There are also instances where the jamming device can affect other important systems such as the power grid or cashpoint machines that rely on GPS to work properly. These disruptions could be costly to the power, energy, or cashflow of the affected system.

Some fleet owners can be surprised by the number of drivers who are trying to jam their vehicle’s GPS tracking device. Typically, they are used by drivers who don’t want their employer to know where they are on the job, or for other reasons such as taking the vehicle for personal errands.