Getting Started on a Career in RF Communications

RF communications are a type of wireless communication that utilizes electromagnetic radiation to communicate information. This technology is ideal for IoT devices and has several advantages over cellular communications, including the ability to run indefinitely without monthly fees from third parties, which can be especially beneficial for business applications.

What Does a Bug Device Look Like?

A bug device is a covert listening apparatus that is a combination of a miniature radio transmitter and microphone. It is used to eavesdrop on a room or an individual in order to obtain information. The CIA, the FBI, and private companies employ bugs to spy on their competitors and gain access to sensitive information.

How to Read GPS Coordinates

GPS coordinates are the numbers that your device uses to communicate with a satellite and calculate your position on Earth. These coordinates are the standard for location data and are used in everything from a car navigating system to mobile phones and fitness trackers. However, you should always keep in mind that GPS signals degrade […]

How Do GPS Jammers Work?

The most basic way GPS jammers operate is to interfere with the signals from a satellite that GPS receivers receive. By sending radio signals in a range that overwhelms the satellite’s signal, the jammer disrupts the GPS signals and renders the device useless. It’s a simple, inexpensive and effective technique that is used by thieves […]

GPS Jammers For Cars

GPS jammers are devices that interfere with the signals that a vehicle’s GPS tracking device receives. These devices are illegal to purchase or use in the United States and Canada. They can be seized, fined or jailed if you are caught using one.